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Review how to use the Destiny library catalog with this fun, exciting and engaging activity! Will your students solve the puzzles in time and save the school from the creepy library creatures?

This can be used with any library circulation system, not just Destiny.

This is a paper breakout or escape room activity, it is not digital. There are 3 challenges to this activity. Only challenge #3 requires students to search directly in Destiny to complete it. Students will need a device of some kind to search for the answers.

This activity should be used only after you have reviewed how to search Destiny with your students. They will need to know about the different types of searches and how to read a catalog record.

What is included in this product:

  • Scenario
  • Set of 3 challenges (color copies)
  • Set of 3 challenges (black and white copies)
  • Answer sheet and recording sheet
  • Set of 3 EDITABLE challenges in PowerPoint (color)
  • Set of 3 EDITABLE challenges in PowerPoint (black and white)

I made this activity editable so you can customize it to fit your needs, specifically so the questions will work for your library and your collection. I provide detailed directions that explain what you might need to edit and how to edit the questions while still making everything “work” the way it needs to. I also tried very hard to make the challenges “generic” enough to make it easier and simpler for you to use.

This activity can be completed in one class period but I advise breaking it up into two days. Challenge 1 and 2 on the first day and then challenge 3 the next day. This way your students can have plenty of time to search the Destiny catalog for challenge 3 and you won’t feel rushed to complete it and go over the answers.

Please download the preview to see images of the all the pages. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

This is not a Halloween themed activity even though there are creepy creatures in the breakout.


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