Christmas Around the World – Print Escape or Breakout Activity


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Students will review Christmas traditions around the world with this fun digital breakout activity. This is not an editable activity.

This is the perfect activity to do before the holiday break.

This is a print breakout activity that requires very little preparation on your part.

What is included in this product:

  • Detailed instructions
  • Scenario
  • Brochure with short nonfiction passages (students will use this to answer the questions)
  • Set of 3 challenges (color copies)
  • Set of 3 challenges (black and white copies)
  • Answer sheet and recording sheet
  • certificate for completing the breakout (color and b/w)

Students will work together in groups to complete the activity. They will read the scenario and the brochure. Then they will work on solving each of the challenges.

  • Challenge 1: Students will solve think pinks (riddles answered by a pair of rhyming words.)
  • Challenge 2: Mapping activity
  • Challenge 3: Multiple choice ELA questions

The preview shows the scenario, brochure, the challenges, and the answer key. If you have any questions please contact me.


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