Almanac Practice Task Cards – Editable included


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I created a new set of 28 task cards (color and b/w) using the 2017 National Geographic Kids Almanac. World Book does not make a kids almanac any longer. The original set of task cards is still included in this file.

Set of 28 task cards to use with students when reviewing how to use an almanac. I tried to choose questions that were fairly generic and not too specific hoping that any almanac will work. There is an answer key and recording sheet included. There is a set in color and a set in black and white. These would be great to leave for a substitute as well.

***** I also included a blank set of cards so you can add your own text or questions. The fonts are embedded so they will look the same. You have to have PowerPoint installed on your computer to edit these.

This is part of my Reference Materials Task Card bundle.



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