As we prepare to wrap up another school year we are faced with one of our biggest challenges: getting all those library books returned! I have tried many strategies over the years with varying results. In this post, I am going to share with you some different tricks and ideas that will (hopefully) help get those books turned in before the lastday of school. Award prizes to get library books returned Award some kind of class prize or award for the first class in each grade level that returns all their books. Bribery works! Suggestions: Eat lunch in the library Eat lunch outside in a special spot Make ice cream sundaes for the classes. If you do all the classes at the same time you can set up an assembly line and it goes pretty quickly.  Instead of sundaes, you can give out freeze pops, ice cream sandwiches etc. Popcorn
Are you struggling to get all of your students’ books checked out in a timely fashion? Do you feel like you are running in a million different directions and not able to answer everyone’s question? Have you ever felt like pulling your hair out at the end of a class? I know I have! In this post you will learn 5 tips, ideas and tricks to help you and your library have a smoother book checkout. Thankfully I have been blessed with an amazing library assistant, so most of the time there are two of us to handle book check-out. However, the past couple of years she is constantly pulled to cover classrooms. So I am often by myself and have felt the frustration many times. There is so much to do during this time other than checking out books:  help students search the catalog, locate books, provide readers