Random Acts of Kindness Activities


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It is very important to teach our students kindness and how to be a kind friend and citizen. This activity pack will do just this. You can use these activities during Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th, or all year long.

What is included in this pack?

  • 24 random act of kindness cards. Each card has one idea students can do to be kind to someone. Examples: let someone go in front of you in line, write a thank you note or push in someone else’s chair. This is a color set and a black and white set. There is also a set of blank cards for you to write in yourself.
  • A card to congratulate students on performing an act of kindness. One card, 4 to a page. There is a color and a black and white version.
  • A sheet with 9 cards that say, “Someone was kind to me” and a place for the student to writhe the good dee. 3 different versions in color and black and white.
  • 3 Random Acts of Kindness posters in color and black and white.
  • 2 cut and paste worksheets on kind actions and words.
  • 2 worksheet for students to fill in how they can be kind
  • 8 kindness coloring posters
  • 4 kindness award certificates to hand out to students


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