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Students will use technology and problem-solving skills to complete this digital breakout after learning about the Dewey Decimal System. Students will complete the breakout in Google Slides. They will enter their answers into a Google Form.

This activity is designed to review the different categories of the Dewey Decimal System. This should be used only after teaching students about the DDS. Students need to be familiar with the different categories and the books that go in each section. You may want to provide them with a list of the categories to help them.

The scenario of this breakout is a group of silly trolls came into the library, stole the library books and hid them. In order for students to find the books they must solve the puzzles and get the lock codes. There are 3 locks to unlock. Students will enter the lock codes on a Google Form.

The breakout should be completed in teams or small groups. I recommend playing it with fourth and fifth graders, possibly third depending on the class.

There are 3 locks to unlock. There is a 3 digit number lock, a 6 letter directional lock and a 10 digit letter lock.

I provided very detailed instructions about each slide and how to complete them. All answers and lock codes are included as well.

The first puzzle is a word search. Ten words are hidden in the word search. All of the words relate to one category of the Dewey Decimal System. Once students find the words, they will decide what category those words are describing. The lock code is the Dewey category for those words. There is one slide that gives detailed directions and an example to show students exactly what they need to do. This puzzle comes with two different hint options. You can choose which hint you want your students to use. The directions explain this in more detail.

Puzzle 2 is a directional lock. Students will need to move through the boxes with book titles that are from the same Dewey category.

Puzzle 3 is a 10 letter word lock. To get the code students will need to take a quiz on the DDS. I made the quiz on quizlet. It is an 8 question quiz with 3 matching questions, 3 multiple choice questions and 2 true/false questions.

Once students submit their answers they are given a link to complete a jigsaw puzzle on the site The completed puzzle shows where the books were hidden.

Important Note:This is not an editable resource.

***Updated 8/19/20 – The website is no longer active. This was the last activity in the breakout. I had to replace it with the jigsaw puzzle. If you already purchased this breakout, the Google form will reflect this change automatically.


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