Resources for Elementary Librarians and Educators During an Extended School Closing

As coronavirus fears grow so do the number of extended school closings. This means that educators are being asked to come up with a plan to provide distance learning to our students. And because this is an emergency situation time is limited to come up with these plans.

Below you can find a collection of links to resources that will help you put these plans into place. The links are broken down into sections.

  • Free Subscription Offers for Schools Affected by COVID-19
  • Websites For Students to Read or Listen to Books Online
  • Tutorials and How-to Information for Online Apps and Websites
  • Other Miscellaneous Resources

In addition to this list I also wrote a blog post that provides more information on how to set up a plan.

I will continually update this list as I find new and relevant links to add. Please share this page with anyone you think will benefit from this information. If you know of any resources you think should be added to this list please let me know.