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Review the characteristics and definitions of genres with this digital, paperless resource. Students will work directly in Google Slides or Microsoft OneDrive to complete the activities.

Genres reviewed:

★ Fiction
★ Nonfiction
★ Informational
★ Historical fiction
★ Fantasy
★ Science fiction
★ Mystery
★ Realistic fiction
★ Biography
★ Poetry
★ Folktale
★ Traditional literature

What is included

⇒ Teacher directions – includes the access links and instructions on how to use this in your library or classroom
⇒ Instructions for using this resource with Microsoft OneDrive
⇒ 2 Google Slide files
•Genres file
• Answer key

There are 23 slides
Slides 1-12 give the genre and its definition. These can be printed out and put on display in your classroom as posters or anchor charts. There are 2 slides for nonfiction and informational (the definition is the same). And there are 2 slides for folktale and traditional literature (the definition is the same.)
Slides 13-23 review the characteristics of each genre. They look identical to each other. Each slide has six sentences. Students will read the sentences and decide which ones are true about the genre. They will move the true sentences onto the colored shapes. There are also 2 slides for nonfiction/informational and folktale/traditional literature. You can choose which slides to use with your students.

The preview shows every slide. Please download it before purchasing.

Important Note: This is not an editable resource. The background of each slide cannot be changed. The only items that can be moved or deleted are the sentences on the activity slides.

Advantages of using digital resources

⇒Paperless. No need to print and laminate the task cards
⇒Engages students
⇒Helps build 21st-century learners
⇒Can use with Chromebooks, laptops, computers, tablets, iPads or other mobile devices


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