How Librarians Can Help Teachers During Distance Learning

help teachers distance learning

Whether you are back to school, fully remote, or somewhere in between, there is so much you can do to help support classroom teachers with digital literacy needs! So how can librarians help teachers during distance learning? Check out these easy tips to be the support system your teachers need without stressing yourself out!

Share free, easy to implement tools

There are so many flashy, fun tech tools out there. During distance learning, your inbox is no doubt full of free trials and other support information for teachers and librarians. Rather than send every offer or idea to classroom teachers, pick one or two that you think can A) best support them and their students, B) are free, and C) are simple to use.


Flipgrid is an online platform where students can record video responses in an instant from any internet enabled device. I love Flipgrid for book talks, getting to know you activities, and book discussions. Flipgrid is also perfect for read alouds.

As a librarian, you can support teachers by teaching them how to set up their own grids or facilitate some differentiated literature circle or reading groups through your own library Flipgrid.

Learn more about Flipgrid with the Staying Cool in the Library monthly membership!


Bitmoji are little cartoon representations of yourself and your classroom. It may not seem like the most “educational” tech tool, but trust me that teachers (and students) love the connections they can make by using Bitmoji!

As a librarian or media specialist, you can help teachers set up their own Bitmoji classrooms. Create a simple template on Google Slides where teachers can share hyperlinks to everything they need in their classroom!

Encourage online reading

Distance learners may not have access to a physical library (either the school or public library). Share online resources to get free books. For example, your school may have access to Sora, which houses thousands of ebooks. In addition, they may also have access to Overdrive or Libby to find books from their public library system.

Help teachers show students how to access these materials with a quick and easy tutorial made with Screencastomatic. Record as you walk through logging in and searching books on the site. Many teachers will also love using these resources for their own personal reading.

Ask what teachers need for distance learning

More than anything, classroom teachers don’t necessarily need new tools to use with distance learners. They need support for their already existing toolbox. Your teachers may also have questions on how to engage their learners online via Zoom or Google Meet. Remember, that you can’t assume that every teacher (or student) is at the same comfort level with technology. Ask your teachers how you can help! Know that they will tell you what they need.

Knowing how librarians can help teachers during distance learning will give you the confidence you need to support classroom teachers in your building. Share simple to use tools, resources for reading, and simply ask how you can help! Thank you for all your do as a librarian during this time of distance learning. 

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