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I created these Google Slides activities to use whenever you need a quick and easy lesson to do with your students. They can be used either in-person or during a virtual or hybrid teaching situation. Since they are in Google Slides you can easily push the lesson out to students through your LMS. If you are using SeeSaw you can also upload the slides to SeeSaw and have your students complete that way as well.


Students will need to use a research source to complete these activities. I used PebbleGo and World Book Students to create these lessons. You will need to provide your own links to these research tools since they do require a paid subscription. Both companies offered free access in the spring due to the pandemic, I am not sure when these free trials expire. I suggest that you insert a new slide and add your links and directions before sharing the lesson with students.

If you do not have access to either of these databases, the questions are generic enough that students should be able to find the answers from other sources. You can also have students do a search in a kid friendly search engine like

Each lesson has five slides and students need to find the answer to 2 or 3 questions.

  1. PebbleGo Inventions Research Slides: While it is difficult to do a research lesson with kindergarten students, this is the simplest of the three lessons. There are 2 questions per page and the wording is much simpler.
  2. PebbleGo Biography Research Slides: 3 questions per slide. Intermediate level for grades 2/3.
  3. World Book Fun Facts Research Slides: 3 questions per slide. Students will have to perform more than one search query for these slides. Grades 4/5.