My students love reading biographies. Usually, they ask for a biography on a sports star or music performer. They might ask for a biography of someone they learned about in class. And for some reason, they all want to read biographies on Michael Jackson! It can be tough keeping current biographies on the library shelves. Biographies can be expensive and they are outdated as soon as they are printed. Also when it comes to current biographies it’s very possible that students won’t want to read about the person two years from now. So it can be hard to justify the purchase, especially a biography series for elementary students. When choosing biographies I like to stay with the same series for several reasons. I have already determined that the series meets my needs. I know the format of the books in the series. For example, I know what kinds of text
Why series books? Students love to read books in a series. I have found it is one of the best ways to encourage a reluctant reader to read. Why do students love series books? There are a number of reasons. Series books make students feel comfortable. Each book in a series usually has the same characters and format and follows similar plot lines. Also the students become invested in the characters and want to read more about them.  Children know what to expect when they pick up the next book in a series. This gives them confidence. They successfully read book one and two so they know they will be able to read book three. They will begin to see themselves as a reader and will want to continue reading. This confidence in themselves is vitally important for students who struggle with reading.  Students feel less pressure when they