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Picture Digital Choice Boards

Have you been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of online instruction? With some form of distance learning inevitably upon us, there are many resources available to help ease the transition of this new way of planning. Today, I am going to share with you a digital resource that can be used in Google slides or any other online learning platform. This resource aligns with the book All Are Welcome by Suzanne Kaufman and Alexandria Penfold. If you do not have this book, you can find this wonderful title right here!

All Are Welcome - Digital Choice Board activity

As we all know by now, distance learning has created some disruption in our normal day to day activities. However, there is always a way to work around it! When it comes to picture book activities, my picture book digital choice boards are a great resource! These can be used in a traditional classroom setting, digital classroom setting or even at home with a parent. 

This resource comes fully prepared with the exception the read aloud portion. In order for students to successfully complete these activities, they will need to hear the book. If you are using this resource in a traditional classroom, the book can be read at storytime or as a part of your whole group instruction. However if you are planning to implement this activity in distant learning plans, using picture digital choice boards will require a little planning and preparation on the teacher or parents end. However, the preparation is well worth it for these engaging activities. 

Picture Book Digital Choice Board

Tips for Using This Picture Book Digital Choice Board

If you are embedding this resource into your digital or distance learning lesson plans, you can pre-record yourself reading the read aloud for your students to view before assigning them these activities! Doing this will also create a sense of classroom community for students to be able to watch you read the book rather than watching a youtube video or recording of another teacher reading.

One of the things that makes this digital choice board such a great resource is the flexibility that accompanies it. This activity can be used in so many different ways. Students can complete these activities alone or with a partner. They can complete them in a center in a traditional classroom setting or at home in a virtual setting. You, as the teacher, can assign them to an online learning platform or even email the links to your parents! Your options are endless. 

You can choose to have students complete the whole set of activities or you can pick and choose specific activities that students should work on. 

Skills learned with this activity

One of the things I really love about using picture book digital choice boards is the ability to have students work on many different skills with one book. While working through these activities students will be working on six different skills. Another thing I love about using Google slides or an online platform is that students can work at their own pace.

With this picture book digital choice board activity, students will be working on skills including vocabulary from the text, making real world connections, character development, playing games and even learning about other languages. 

Have you used a digital choice board in your distant learning instructional plan? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience, leave a comment below!

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