Folktales Teaching Resources and Booklist

One of my favorite times of the year is when I teach folktales to my 2nd and 3rd grade students. I share different folktales thoughout the year with all my students, but in the spring I always do a more formal unit. My first grade teachers do a large fairy tale unit at the end of the year so I do reinforcement activities to corespond with them at that time.

I love folktales for so many reasons. One is the diversity found in folktales. There are folktales from every culture and country. There is a folktale that will appeal to any type of reader. And the stories and lessons that they teach are timeless.

Teaching Folktales

I introduce folk tales by showing them a PowerPoint introduction. It gives the characteristics of a folk tale and defines 5 different kinds of folktales. This is available in my TpT store, just clilck on the image below.
  • Fairy Tales
  • Tall Tales
  • Fables
  • Trickster Tales
  • Pourquoi Tales
 Folktales PowerPoint Introduction

I will aslo spend some time discussing where folktales are found in the library (398.2) and why they are in the nonfiction section of the library. I try to keep this very simple and say that many of the folktales (mostly fairy tales and tall tales) are based on real people or events. And that these types of stories teach about many different cultures and traditions. 

Then I will spend the next few weeks reading different folktales. I useally read 2nd grade fables and tall tales and 3rd grade trickster and pourquoi tales. 

Graphic organizers

After sharing various folktales with my students I will have them complete different graphic organizers. This allows students to respond to their reading in an engaing way and demonstrate their understanding of the different types of folktales. There are organizers to compare 2 different folktales, retell story events, discuss character traits and more. What is great about these graphic organizers is that they can be used with any folktale. This makes them very versatile and easy to incorporate into your lessons. Below are a few examples of the different graphic organizers. To purchase the graphic organizers from my store click here or on the images below.

 Folktales Graphic Organizers
Comparing tales - students choose 2 fairytales to compare to each other. I chose 2 Cinderella stories but you can choose whatever stories you would like

 Folkatles Graphic Organizers
Folktale Favorites - students choose a favorite folktale and complete the graphic organizer.

 Folktales Graphic Organizers
Fables graphic organizer - students draw the characters from the fable and write down the lesson taught in the fable.

The folktales graphic organizers also come with 6 posters you can use to display in your classroom or library.

 Folktales Posters

And if you are moving towards a more paperless classroom you can purchase the grapic organizers in a Google Slides format.

 Digital Folktales Graphic Organizers

I also created a list of suggegsted folktales. These are all books that I have used in the past or that I absolutely love! Click the image below to download.

 Folktales Book List

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